Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cheesy Smiles- bring'm on!

If you're behind the camera whether you are an amature or pro,
you're gonna get cheesy at some point.
I snap anyway and go with them because in the back 
of my mind 
- the word blackmail is tossed about.
Those embarrassing pix your kids just don't 
want to be made public
 - especially when the girls come sniffing around.
However, there are times, more than not,
ADORABLE trumps cheesy.
I'm ok with that too.
Either way as a scrapper or photographer
 you can't loose.
Love this pix. 
The boys were goofin' at the tram because for being good 
- the prize was ice cream.
And they were anxious to get their ice cream.
Me too.
Maine moose tracks. 
PS - I used my new flag punch. Swoon.
With stamps.
on Kraft.


  1. May be a cheesy photo (and definitely blackmail worthy), but the layout is wonderful. :) Love the flag banner. I can see that you're going to have fun with that punch.

  2. That is such a cute picture and great layout. I get my share of cheesy smiles and ghastly looking grins too. Sometimes painful smiles too.

  3. I love this~so cute. You captured it just perfect:):)


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