Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's all relative...

 I scrapped these 2 pages last night while at my desk and one eye on the door waiting for trick or treaters. I bought way more candy than kids. I was surprised that there weren't more coming on by. I do live vicariously through pictures in order to  mark the progress of the grands. They do grow fast. Really, really fast, so fast that there can't be too many pictures taken and sent to me. I look forward to getting those photos like a junkie on crack. 
This page was one I kitted for the crop and actually tried to scrap it there. It didn't work out, so I set it aside and tried it again at home, going with the wild. busy patterned paper instead of the tame ones I was trying at the crop. And it was trying. LOL! However, I'm pleased with the results. We had fun at the pumpkin festival in Keene, NH - especially the kidlets in their super hero costumes. 
And the amazing 29,000 pumpkins - very artistic and imaginative.


  1. They both look fantastic!! I have tht trouble too~try, try again right!!

  2. Hey, you were near my old stomping grounds in NH! :) Love your pages!

  3. Great layouts. The halloween pics are adorable!!


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