Saturday, November 10, 2012

Myakka State Park

is really a goregeous and sort of peaceful place.
Lots of peeps and kidlets 
were out on this beautiful sunny day. 
There are campgrounds, and of course, canoeing, 
kyaking, hiking and even the biggest airboats ever.
We did none of that.
 Instead we cruised through in the car and I agily leaped 
out and chased down whatever critter we happened on.
 The water is pretty and of course the Myakka River flows
on through and is chockfull of birds.
I caught a couple.
 This bird was fun - caught it as it was landing.
 More scenic waters.
 Bottom feeders perched in the trees waiting on some roadkill.
 I rocked this one, especially, the reflection.
 We did amble on out on the bird walk and there were some
serious birdwatchers decked out. They were just too cute.
I couldn't resist.
The sky and clouds were amazing.
 And just perfect.
 There are 2 gaters in this photo.
Can you spot them?
I decided that since I have a ton of pix
like this I may make the grandkids a book.
Can you find Grammy's critters in the photo?
And how many of them are there.
And what kind.
This may result in some kidlets requiring glasses.


  1. Beautiful pictures-that one with the reflection is amazing. Great idea to do a book too. A friend of ours' granddaughter did one with quotes inside to go with the pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness.. amazing photos!!! Thanks for sharing (together with a few sentences about every one!)
    I had a blast viewing and reading :)
    (btw: I only could find one gator in the last picture.. scary enough for people who live in an area where you only see these animals in the zoo!! *lol*)
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Lynn!
    Sylvia xx

  3. Yes these photos are amazing! You are certainly rocking the cam. oh, that was wasted information -obviously you knew that already. so humble and modest are you ;)

  4. beautiful photos Lynn~you do have a way with the camera girl!!!


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