Sunday, November 18, 2012

She is a stealth ninja....

Click on photo to enlarge.
"She held her head high, and looked 
the world straight in the eye"
I love everything about this pose and her
attitude. I was focused on those little
legs and boots.
And the face. And the look.
However, look at that tiny left hand.
Clenched in a fist.
As your eyes return back to her face.
Now I see......
She looks like she wants to pound someone or
something. How did I miss that?
Its like she did a total head fake.
And I got lost in the cuteness.
Never would have seen that left hook coming.
Because had I seen it. 
The title would be totally different.
Like totally.
That's my girl!


  1. I do too~such attitude:):):) confident!!Love it and the way you scrapped it is awesome!!!!!

  2. I'll hit you up with my version soon >:)
    I do like this a lot though!!

  3. Look at that stealthy attitude. LOL! Love this awesome page, Lynn! Love of fun goodies, layering and title work!

  4. aww so cute! Love all the little details you put on this.

  5. i love this LO!!!! her attitude is great...


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