Friday, November 9, 2012

Girl in the 'hood.....

I know it comes as a shock to you that my pal April helped with the title. I was leaning toward lil red riding hood but da hood ain't red. So my brain just petered on out. I've also been stalking Shimelle's blog and this page is a lift of her's-somewhere along the line. I enjoy her glitter girl and Studio Calico videos - so it maybe in there somewhere. If you haven't checked her out, she actually takes you through her process of putting a page together. 
I love the photo and did struggle with the paper I chose. The tree paper threw me off but I kept at it.
So, FYI....
 I also found that using alcohol inks straight out of the bottle does not leave itty bitty dots of ink behind. Oh makes inkblots that'll thrill and delight any psychiatrist on the planet. 
Since I didn't think I had more of this paper, I managed to cover up most of the damage because, 
well, it looked stupid.

Because I took Mz Ashlee's suggestion, well maybe not an actual suggestion, but she took us on a tour of her studio and she had her papers in a box that could easily be flipped through allowing for ease of chosing the perfect papers. 
I'm also hoping that this method will result in a reduction in stash so I can buy more. 
It's been fun mixing and matching my own papers.
Who knew.


  1. ah yes. the alcohol ink attack :| I know it well....too well (see my blog for purple OMG attack on one of my last layouts which was my FAVE then hated in quick order).

    I LOVE the leaves and of course the rockin title on #1. ANd I am coveting the washi tape from #2 *sigh* ;)

  2. BOTH of these are awesome. You gave a good laugh with the title of the first one.

  3. Love the 'hood title. Very clever. So glad you're having fun using your stash. You're mixing and matching looks great!

  4. Cute layouts-I love your clever titles!

  5. Yay Fun! So glad to hear that the new paper-flipping method is working out :)


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