Friday, November 2, 2012

Rearranging and Redoing..........

So I went on a mission yesterday. My s/b papers had been in 3 separate drawers (I know - sheesh) by manufacturer. It was not optimal because the drawers were actually designed to store architecture plans- which is placed behind my desk and where the printer sits. So everytime I needed paper, I had to dig this huge pile out, figure out where to plop it and shop through it. It was annoying and led me to ignore the stash and buy new because I'd keep the new near. (new near new near new near - say that 3 times fast). 

So I purchased the above mentioned bin on sale at M's for $5.99 - regular $19.99 and in my dreams all my paper would fit. My collection of BG is still in the drawer. But this is progress. So I had this idea of putting in under my desk and truly it would build muscle - but it would be annoying hauling it out everytime I wanted a piece of paper and wouldn't be any better really than if I left it all in the drawers.

So I rearranged more. At the crop I had my paper trimmer right next to me because of space - and my attitude was just dealing because of space. However, I found I liked it near. Before it was located where the big shot is and I'd have to get up to trim. Not a big deal either because there are times I like to scrap standing up, however, I found if I moved the trimmer closer - put all the die cut machines together, I could get the papers up off the floor where they would be handier. Which I love, now (its only been a day but I'm optimistic). So now I had drawers to rearrange - all my punches are more or less in one drawer now, moved some stamps around, and reordered the embellishments. I stored the empty satchels and the ones with my foam stamps in the spare room closet instead of under my desk - so that looks cleaner. 

So this page evolved after the rearranging and redoing. I did have to think about where things had been relocated. Which is all good. Keeps me on my toes and I found stuff I had forgotten I had. I also went through and culled some stuff out - now stored somewhere else to see if I miss it. I also cleaned off the top of my desk *gasp*faint*thud - which gives me a bit more room than the 12x12 space its always narrowed down to. 


  1. and ONE DAY I will have my stuff all organized and stuff...ONE DAY. I'm actually working on that a bit today. Trying to decide if I'm going the route of an armoire-look or if I will finally gather myself to Ikea and get my many-cubby-binned shelf unit (the square openings are like 14x14 or 15x15, so it holds the HUGE baskets and the big file thingies, which is what has been on my drool list a while. Your trimmer NEEDS to be close...mine is to my right, always! :)

  2. What a cute layout and picture. And good job on organizing! I think organizing our goodies is always an ongoing project.

  3. good for you~I always need my working space to be clean. I need room:):) love the bin idea {just did a good seperating of my papers}Love the cute LO and the background texture you added~love the look Lynn:):)

  4. It's always fun to sift through everything and find stuff you forgot you had (and then use it too, LOL!) Love your fun layout and the great stamping you did!


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