Saturday, November 24, 2012

Driveby Photography

Yeah back online again - Thanks Gale! Check out her blog Stamps & Stitches. She makes beautiful quilts and projects.
So I learned from our trip out west to just grab the camera and take pictures out of the car window because if we stopped for every beautiful or interesting vista we'd never get where we wanted to go because around every corner was something beautiful!
I''m not sure why I took the photo above except I love the clouds and light.
So we passed by 19384910341381488 cotton fields before I felt the need to break out the camera. By then the fields had been picked and I was wrestling with blurring issues. However, these are bales of recently picked cotton and they are as big as semi-truck trailers.
So zipping down the road you need to play with camera angles. Shooting dead on out of the side window will result in "Speed Swoosh". I learned speed swoosh from driver's ed class um...*coughcough* years ago. 
Sunrise as we just leapt over the Virgina border was too pretty to resist. The sky was crazy, off and on sunny and stormy. I got the stormy look. Love the mood.
So structures. Don't you love structures like these??
They make me swoon.
So direct links from photobucket. 
Who knew??? 


  1. very cool - I'll need this photobucket tip ONE day...though my blogging is so slack that it won't be any time soon.

    Cool pix -- I happen to see structures like that all the time ;)

  2. love the pictures and thanks for the tip:):)

  3. Gorgeous! I think you should make one of those books from shutterfly with all the drive by pics.


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