Monday, January 30, 2012

Manic Monday was totally productive....

We had a great time.
And the mojo flowed......
as it should have.
I had originally just flung all my Christmas cards
in the pocket and then in the album.
And then I removed the page from the album
and decided to do it up right......ala AliE style.
This is the 5th year I've done it and I love it. All the cards
we received are on this layout.
And BONUS round....I got the 2 page challenge done.
It was late, but it was done!
This next one is 8x8 size for the kidlets album.
Grandpop, mom & Owen making
homemade pasta.
I love Jillybean soup.
 Printed these pictures awhile ago and found them
under my desk. Shocking I know.
Anyway I dusted it off and wa-la....a beautiful
page for me - because this won't fit in 
8x8 album. My bad :)
 I decided that each set of parents (2 diff fams) would have an 
8x8 American Craft d-ring album.
That way I can create pages, put them in a 
page protector and mail them out.
In normal packaging.
And all they have to do is put the pages in
the album. Easy Peasy!!!


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  2. Gorgeous pages Lynn, you always have such creative thoughts and they transfer beautifully to paper.

  3. Look at you being all productive! Great pages, Lynn!

  4. These a fabulous~what a great idea making a 8X8 album-I just stick to 12x12. Great pages Lynn!!!

  5. Great pages! And great idea for album sizes for the fams. Much Much easier to ship.

  6. Very cute--love your work and pages! :)


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