Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twas totally maniacal at Moments last night....

New challenges went up on Sunday
and combine that with Manic Monday and
you get some pages done!
Love Love Love it.
This page is the Pattern Paper challenge, involving dots,
flowers and stripe papers! Love the results....
 The Recipe challenge involved paint, 3 flowers, a circle
at least one photo and pop dots.
Totally pleased.
I don't use white cardstock often enough.....
 There's a new challenge - Stamping!!
Out of the gate - Stamp a border - which totally
brings the entire page together.
It was a good start and I'll be working on the rest of the
challenges because I'm far from done.


  1. Love them all, Lynn, but the second page is really gorgeous! Good for you for doing all of these challenges! I like them because they help you think outside of your "normal" style at times. :)

  2. I don't either { white cardstock} but Idid one and submitted it~so we will see. Your Lo's look fantastic and the one on the white cardstock beautiful work!!!

  3. Great layouts and great work with these challenges. I don't use white cs nearly enough either even though I love the look.


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