Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ironically I wrote a hub about titles

and then needed a title. 
Any of you that scrapbook with me personally know I flail around with titles. 
So since I have trouble I feel others may too. 
Hopefully, clicking here will give you a few ideas on where to get titles when you're stuck. 
One of my personal favorite is mixing up a modern song with heritage photos. 
Who knew my gram and aunts could have this kind of fun. 
This was a well kept secret. 
Till the photos came out. BWAHAHAAHA!
Please click on link, read, vote UP, comment and enjoy!
 This is just too perfect for the title.
This ones for the girls. yeah.
Martina McBride


  1. love the vintage photo!!and the design is perfect~off to read your hub!!!!

  2. you absolutely crack me up. Title Queen *snort*

    Great Hub though, you're a lunatic ;)


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