Monday, January 9, 2012

There's nothing like a good western....

and I do love them.
This is the sketch challenge over at Moments and of course,
I got carried away and did a 2-pager.
Using the collage creator in Picassa (which the sketch was a collage)
it doesn't quite match it in form but function.
I have so many great pix from Arizona, and this
is just Tombstone and Boothill.
Both were amazing.
As I mentioned in the blog account I did when I was out there,
Tombstone wasn't the movie set I thought it to be.
It is a real town that has people that can role play all day long.
What an awful job that is, right?
The bottle caps are from the sarsaparilla soda we
purchased that was a collectors item with the Earps
and Doc Holliday on the bottles. It was yummy!
Oh, and the patterned paper??? Cosmo Cricket - Wanted line.


  1. Gorgeous, Lynn! Totally LOVE your multi picture pages.. sooo adorable!!!
    Sylvia xx

  2. AWESOME!! Love this! Great work! :)

  3. Love how you were able to get so many photos!! Arizona is on my list of places I want to go...


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