Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's challenge time at

which brought the mojo back!!!!
So the first one is use the colors; blue, green, light blue
and a neutral. neutral is red.
This may look familiar as I'm doing 8x8's for the kidlet's
album and 12x12 (or whatever for mine)
and I used the title boing!!!!
 Because its perfect.
 The journaling challenge was of course about the
New Year 2012 - so 12 intentions, resolutions
or in my case things. No sense setting yourself up for
failure so these are things I can do.....
 One little word - love this one too. 
How perfect is this.
Hmmmm should've made that word a different color.
It does look better IRL however, so just make it bigger.
Head on over and check them out!!! 
There are a bunch more to come so stay-tuned!!!
Have a happy and blessed 2012!!


  1. so many wonderful memories captured!

  2. I really like your One Little Word. I'll be reading to see what happens through the year.

  3. These are so cute--especially that last one! The photo cracks me up:)


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