Thursday, January 5, 2012

Too Cute to Spook....

The next challenge I was able to tick off my list was about stash 
and to use your leftover animals/insects.
I didn't really have any leftover aninmals/critters, however,
since I do have to wait for photos to roll in
from far far away, what better way to use stash/critters than to
incorporate some sparkly cats on a Halloween page.
I took the cue from the cat on Annie's shirt and found 
a cat stamp in my stash. Since you can't go wrong
with bling, I glam'd the cats up with some Martha Stewart glitter!
(photo by KevinDuffyphotography)


  1. So cute! Great idea to tie in the cats with the t-shirt design. :)

  2. Sooooo cute.. definitely too cute to spook ;) Love all the bling.. such a pretty page!
    Sylvia xx

  3. Sweet. And cute idea! Creative


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