Friday, January 13, 2012

I'd like to blame the lateness on my

dentist appointment, but alas, it isn't so.
I couldn't decide on a title.
I know that shocks each and every one of you.
Lots of mental gymastics, fights with thickers.
I do NOT like thickers.
They stick to everything except what I want them too.
And they fall off everywhere. 
However, got some new Creative Imaginations papers
and finally, a mojo break through.


  1. I have days like that too where my page just doesn't come together or gets help up because I am too much of a perfectionist. LOL! The end result is wonderful though. Glad you stuck with it, Thicker issues and all. :)

  2. Super cute. And "discover" is the perfect title. Darling pic and page.

  3. oh I know how you feel, but you did a great page anyway!


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