Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The new challenges are up at Moments...

Of which these are none of....
Love this one with Kevin and Owen playing Tball.
Kevin doesn't get in many pix as 
he is the photographer
 Love this one with Amelia and Cavin.
It's just too adorable and her laugh just says it all.
 And this photo makes me swoon. Quintin
is the perfect poser, with the perfect composition
and the perfect saturation? I can't 
figure out the word I want here. Sigh!
I love getting a barrage of pix from the kidlets. 
At times it can be overwhelming because it's about
choosing and flowing mojo.
Keep 'm coming!
These are all 8x8 to go in the parent's albums
and blanks are for the parent's to do the journaling.
We'll see how that plan works out.


  1. Keep that mojo flowing, Lynn! These are wonderful! I especially love the sweet photo on the second one and the big "Q" on the last one!

  2. Adorable pages! I love the paper and your pictures are sooo cute! :-)

  3. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous babies, gorgeous pages ... you totally rock my scrapping world with your work.

  4. These are great Lynn! Their parents are SO lucky to have you scrap their memories!
    Love Penny

  5. okay now this is amazing mojo flow you've got going on !!! :)
    Love the colors - all of the fun - great photo captures as well.

  6. all three of your pages are so adorable, Lynn! And I'm always in awe with the photos on your pages :)
    Sylvia xx


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