Sunday, July 9, 2017

I'm baack!!! Riding up the Coast

 First off, I'm putting it out there I have this "diary" thing
I'm supposed to keep notes in.
I really stink at taking notes - and the "diary" thing
turned into well a diary thing. LOL.
This is the downside of the bridge between
Oregon and Washington 
the Astoria-Megler bridge over the Columbia River.
 The Cape Disappointment lighthouse.
 Yes, its waaaay out there.
 As close as I could get.
The have some fun names out there 
In addition, Foulweather Bluff, Useless Bay to name a few.
 West Port marina
 Love those dramatic skies.
 Gray's Harbor lighthouse.
 Chillin' on the beach.
How cool is that?
 We went into the Rainforest in Olympic Park
but because we were in the RV
We could go no further than these falls.
Was a big disappointment but the roads were terrible.
These are Lupin flowers and they are everywhere on
the roadside in Oregon and Washington.
So pretty!!!


  1. once again beautiful pictures! totally gonna steal some of these too.. lol

  2. More beautiful photos and stories!! Keep them coming....

  3. Great photos! Wishing I was there...


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