Sunday, July 9, 2017

Had these pages done for awhile

There were issues of course.
I couldn't figure out how to photo them well and
just decided to roll with the iphone
because of the glare since I'm basically using
a variety of pocket pages and regular 8.5x10
and then of course internet- it is very sparse
out here as is cellular.
It is so not everywhere.
 I am including (for now) the receipts and
pamphlets from the parks.
However, only a bit over a month into our trip
and the paperwork is overwhelming
so we'll see how this goes.
 I'm also wondering why my pocket pages don't look as 
cool as everyone elses.
However, they're fun and I should be 
getting the hang of it soon.
 I really like this particular pocket page as
things don't tend to fall out as much.

Really pleased with what I have so far.
I've been picking up patches and coins and other
do-dads from the park to include.
The embellies on this one actually came from a scrapbook
packet from Crater Lake Nat'l Park.


  1. You have a treasure! I love that first page. I thought you had a sewing machine with you. The lines look great. Your pocket pages look great. I am glad you are having a fun time.

  2. Such a wonderful record of your trip, Lynn! Love your album title. :)

  3. Pages look great! can't wait to see in person

  4. This is awesome:). You are keeping up with your adventures and your pages !!


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