Monday, July 17, 2017

Bonneville Dam

Got lots of dam photos.
Bwahahaha waited awhile to say that.
Anyway, it was a cool adventure.
 They had concerns about the salmon swimming upstream
so they built ladders for the fish and lamprey eels
to get through in order to return to their spawning grounds.
 No fish to be seen yet.
 And lamprey eels need to get back to their
spawning grounds as well.
 They had an underground viewing area where you
could actually see the eels and fish.
 The photos do not show how fast that current is.
I found that on the way back to the spawning grounds
neither one of them eat.
 The eels latched onto the window and in my
humble opinion did it to take a break from the current
and rest a bit before moving on.
 Once they get to their spawning grounds they lay their eggs
and die.
And a fisher bird looking for some food.


  1. great pics and some education too, did not know that about eels..


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