Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rollin' down Montana Roads

Love the monochromatic look of this.
If you look close there are two birds in that nest
that perches on the of a stick, basically.
Anyway, the sun was trying to come out, there was
a haze from the fires.
We were just coming from our boondocking at Lost Johnny Campground
that was really amazing.
While walking around the camp, right there in a
field, no 15 feet from us was a doe scarfing down some grass.
We kind looked at each other and decided all was well
and she went back to eating.
Later, she actually strolled through our camp.
Could have touched her out my window.
And of course, no camera.
 This is part of the Hungry Horse dam
that we had to roll over in order to get to the campground.
 This crane sits up on the dam.
 I was really disappointed that there was no water flowing
over, not even a trickle, however, you could hear the hum of power.
 Then there was this landscape that is just
soooooo pretty riding down the highway.
 Couldn't help I do have a million more but I 
only picked out a few for you.
You're welcome 😊

 Then, sadly, we came upon this sight.
Fire department putting out a trailer fire.
 Hopefully all came out of it alive.

 It happened in Sun River, Montana.
 And another dam - Black Eagle on the Missouri River.
It is huge and I love all the flowing water.

This little guy came to great us at our camp
and did a great job posing.
 Isn't he cute?
I'm assuming he. 
 Then decided some chillin' was required.
So cool. 
He's still out there as we speak, chillin'.

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  1. great photos,, i even have a bunny stamps for that cute bunny you have


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