Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Road to the Sun - Glacier

As I mentioned previously, I chased this bad boy
down while waiting 1 1/2 hours for the
shuttle in the park to take us to Avalanche Lake.
(there's another cool butterfly pix on my FB cover photo.
 Finally making it to Avalanche lake - which was a ride,
We hitched a ride on another shuttle that
would take us to Logan's Pass.
I got to sit in the front seat with the driver.
So cool, I had the window down and was able to take pix
on the fly, because they are not allowed to stop
except for wildlife.
These Prairie chicken chicks were caught on the wrong side
of the road, hesitant to follow momma across.
Thankfully the driver was able to stop oncoming traffic and
the chicks were save.
 However, momma on the other side of the road was not
happy they didn't immediately follow and she
had to recross the road to get back to them.
They scurried back into the grass and stayed there hopefully
until it was much safer to cross.
 The weeping wall.
(Please remember these pix were taken on the fly
and sometimes across to the drivers side).
 No words really and no pictures (unless done by a total pro)
can do the scenes justice.

 The three arches.

 There was also a haze about the mountains as there
was smoke coming down from fires in Canada.
(I know wah-wah-wah) LOL
 Made another friend.
This marmot had a little hidey hole he scampered to
after posing especially for me.
I'm wondering how much he gets paid. LOL.
 Here's one more friend that was a bonus.
A prong horned sheep just happened to wander onto
the meadow at Logan's Pass visitors center.

Bucket list people!!!
It is a busy place in mid-July so you may want to go later
not sooner was they need to clear the snow and
that takes time.
I'm so glad we got back to Glacier - we went a couple years
ago if you remember, or not, and got smoked out
by a wild fire that shut the park down for two weeks so
we only got to see as far as Avalanche Lake to the beginning 
of going to the sun road.
RV's over 21' are not allowed on the road so keep that in mind.


  1. look at all theses animal just out in there element.. makes me swoon thank you for sharing

  2. There is no place on earth as incredible and varied as Glacier! 😍


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