Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mount St Helens

And over the ridge - there's the volcano.
 There's beautiful greenery surrounding the volcano
but not too close.
It's still recovering from the 1980 eruption.
 And 2004-2008 there were small earthquakes
that caused some explosions of volcanic ash and gases.
 And now it's sleeping.
I'm thinking it's sleeping with one eye open.
 Some more shasta daisies.
 And then on the other side of the road is this.

 Up close and personal look at the one side that
was blown off during the 1980 eruption.

 Deer vetch (I think).
They were everywhere by the side of the road in the park.

 Red clover.


  1. Beautiful~maybe one day we will get out there :)

  2. How can something so beautiful be so deadly? Sleeping with one eye open 😁


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