Monday, July 10, 2017

The coast - Olympic Park

Riding up the coast to get the "coast" in Olympic Park.
 Mountains are everywhere you look.
And boats.
And RV's.

 We cruised through the Mayak Reservation
and these figures are what greeted you on the way in.
 And they have boats too.
And mountains.
 We reached the park and this was the path
down to the coast.
 It was a little over 1/2 mile in....
 Traversing over roots and planks.
 To see these views.
 The color of the water was sooo pretty.
And then I hiked back out.
Zipped right up treating it like a crossfit workout.
Did pretty good especially since I haven't
worked out in a month.
Need to work on that.


  1. Beautiful coast photos!! Any sea shells?

  2. oh my goodness these pics are great!

  3. Oh how gorgeous, Lynn! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who slacks on the regular workouts while traveling! Well, we did do a lot of hiking and that definitely counts! 🙄


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