Friday, July 28, 2017

Roosevelt National Park

What another beautiful park that is chockful
of wildlife.
We hit the trifecta of all wildlife:
wild horses
prairie dogs
Quaint little town that rolls its sidewalks up 
way too early.
 Prairie dogs - 100's of them all over
these fields.
 Elk coming out of the ravine to check things out.
 Bison - were everywhere.
 Baby bison too were all part of the traffic jam
happening in the park about sunset.
 These deer crossed the road, and we stopped of course
to gawk. The deer kept looking back across
the road and we couldn't see what they were looking at
but all of sudden they crossed back over to the right side.
Still didn't see anything.
 Bison rolling in the dirt.
 He was a big guy too.
 Feels better now.
 Wild horses.
Were they running through the ravine with their
manes flying.
 This buffalo strolled on down this hill.
and of course, I didn't post the ENTIRE walk.
I was actually outside of the RV when he started
his stroll and when he got the bottom
he looked right at me so I hot-footed back in the RV
and he casually strolled right in front of me like
he had no plans and walked into the sunset.
So cool.
This photo looks better here than on my FB page.


  1. What an incredible photos. The encounter with the Bison is a once in a lifetime. Wow!

  2. Fun wildlife pics! Have you seen a moose yet???


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