Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adding ephemera to your page

I do love keeping ephemera although
tickets are really not the same anymore as
they can be printed now and aren't as snappy as
the used to be, however, you can see the
price, it has a date, and pretty much
does a lot of the journaling for you.
It's also neat that peeps down the line can see
what you were up to.
I did cut the tickets down from 8.5x11 paper they were
printed on and then of course the wrist bands
that really don't match anything on the page and I'm 
okay with that.
My DH knows that items like these are to be saved - and
he does it well since he tends to be the keeper of said items.
 The background was created with gelatos (the first page I got
WAY too carried away and had to start again).
I'm okay with the gelatos BUT  I don't feel mine are as amazing
as Wilna's or Adele's therefore the majority
has been covered up.
 Well dang now the "title" can't be seen well here
but IRL it's okay. I struggled with 3 styles of alphas
in several different places. Sigh.
But aren't those Heidi Swapp hearts peeking out adorable?
We attended the Blues Seafood Festival with our
friends with the express intent in seeing
Beth Hart - she is an amazing singer and performer.
She's sort of like Janis Joplin on steriods only Beth can 
actually sing. I discovered her lovely self
when she did several albums with Joe Bonnamassa
and we all know how I feel about him.
Best Blues guitarist ever.
I was actually impressed with my bad self getting photos
of a concert that turned out decent.
I really would've liked to smack some people's heads
out of the way though.
Just sayin....

Anyway the paper is the Paper Studio and Recollections
cardstock backing it with some gelatos and
Studio Calico thrown in.


  1. Great page, Lynn! The ephemera is perfect! :)

  2. absolutely love it!... the gelatos look great too..

  3. One of my favorite things to do, just haven't been scrap-booking enough. Looks amazing!!!

  4. great page.. awesome design and fun photos... BL

  5. Love that you added the tickets and wristbands. Cool page! BL

  6. Yes love the fact that in scrapbooking you can add ephemera, its a perfect way to add to your layout, loved this layout. BL

  7. Love all the layers, awesome page!! BL

  8. Great LO!! Love the way you included the tix! BL


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