Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pointer pages in regular album

That point you to "The Album."

For those of you that followed our 2 month
travel escapade you'll remember that I did an album
as we went, so except for one page the
entire album was completed before we returned home.
I know it still boggles my mind as well.
This album is the West of the Mississippi Tour.
 This double spread (more or less) are our adventures
in Yellowstone park - And yes I did get the kit from the park store.
As you may or may not know, Tom and I don't do a lot
of pictures of ourselves and I decided that
we were going to include some for this trip because 
why not. 
So to make a statement or two, I printed the photo 8.5x11
and decided to scrap straight on that photo.
 With a note on the page to check out our road trip album
for more details.
 Because the story of this photo was fun.
 It's a gorgeous place and if you ever want to
go anywhere and only one place to go
check out Yellowstone Park.
You will NOT be disappointed.
 And because we took another photo together
that had another fun story with it, I printed two of them
because I wanted to frame one. When I
decided the photo to be frame needed to be tweaked,
I decided to scrap the second 8.5x11.
The Grand Tetons are the breathtaking mountains
you see on the ride to Yellowstone - if you're coming in
from Jackson Hole Wyoming - you
get a gorgeous ride to a phenomenal park.
Of course we stopped at the ranger station to get our
passport stamped and I picked up a couple of do-dads perfect
for scrapping.
Again pointing out the road trip album.
 Love how these 2 pages turned out and I
may also pull out other photos - maybe to tell a bigger story.
Its pretty hard to do that because it was so cool scrapping
as we went so the stories have already been told.

I also have a better idea of what to take now
although stopping at a scrapbook shop on the road
was a total win and I documented that.
If you go back through my posts started about mid-July in 2015
you can read about our exploits starting with Packed and Ready to Go.

The photos in my road trip album were printed from Canon Selphy printer.
Its a great road trip printer - small and compact however, the largest
photo size is 4x6.
It is also not the most cost effective printer but it was the convenience
of being able to have the prints instead of adding
them after the fact...
I also kept a separate "daily journal" that I'm going to
try to combine this next time around.


  1. love the idea of blowing up the photo and then scrapping on it.. you are such a rebel!!!

  2. love the idea of blowing up the photo and then scrapping on it.. you are such a rebel!!!

  3. Looks awesome but the best part it was done by the time you were back home :)

  4. Looks great, Lynn! It's awesome you can do this while you're on the road and document the memories while they're still fresh in your mind. :)

  5. Such a fun album and I love that you did it on the road! Bl

  6. Awesome album, I love scrapbooking on the road, can't ever decide what to take nowadays though lol. BL

  7. This is a great way to document a trip as you go!! BL


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