Friday, February 19, 2016

Stamping, Stamps, Stamping

I'm beginning to love stamps and Studio Calico
started a new thing and this month I was
able to pick between 2 stamp packages prior to receiving the kit
and I picked this one.
And once again, I used most all of them
several times.
 I found it seems to make more of an impact using
them all - several times and adds
a cool background layer - I got this idea from Kitty Scrapper.
If you haven't seen her stuff - look her up.
She's fun.
I did get carried away a bit with the snowflakes.
Okay a lot carried away.
In my defense I live in Florida so seriously how often will
I get to to use it.
Of course what's snowflakes without a bit of sparkle
and shine - not to mention different colors.
 Got some layers going on - don't layers make you swoon.
And that little stamped kitty is a whimsical twist.
 I also used the stamp to put a border around the page it kindof
looks like my sewing so.....
it sort of worked out well and it was
really an afterthought.

Studio Calico.


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