Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sometimes its the backstory

Every now and then you run across photos
that have an amazing backstory.
First off - doesn't Amelia look adorable in those
glasses. How do kids that age know a style.
I agonize over picking out glasses and such - and I 
just don't do it well - but that's not the story.
 Amelia and Marcus met in daycare and/or on the bus.
He was an autistic/heroin baby that had and has a lot of issues
most of them being social in addition to a lot of health problems.
 It appears that Amelia broke through all
that and they've become fast friends.

Studio Calico.


  1. I adore the polka dot background. It makes the whole fab design pop off the page! :)

  2. love that sewing border :) looks awesome!!!


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