Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Christmas paper standing

 I didn't get very much Christmas paper
in the Basic Grey warehouse haul (except in 6x6 pad) that
when I came across this photo and
couldn't believe it wasn't scrapped well.....
so I'm very glad I used the remaining paper up.
 And sticker sheets - galore, I have enough
for next year's stuff LOL which is cool - so that'll go
with the remaining 6x6 paper.
Love how a plan comes through.
Grabbing the stickers, I just started layering and actually
committing to sticking them down which
is very unusual for me.
I usually map everything out prior to making a commitment.
Of course, some came up, some were laid over
and some were moved.
It was fun.
 And I didn't get wiggy about not having the
same color alphas either.
I'm glad they were the same font though.
One can only break bad a bit at a time. LOL.
So I had this all ready to go and when I
looked at the photo I decided the page needed a border
therefore, I added a border with a very old brown micron pen
that had just enough ink in it to make the border, then 
tossed the pen and then rephotographed the page.
Looks way better outlined.
So everything is Basic Grey - including the alphas
and they are old. Really old.
Love that the colors match throughout their lines.


  1. love it! i also love that no matter how old something is it always seems to match something

  2. super page... love the outer stitching.. BL


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