Monday, February 15, 2016

Blatant page lift

I love doing lifts and learning different styles, don't you?
The best way to do that is lifting either in bits
and pieces or doing the whole darn thing.
This page is a blatant lift of Eyoung Lee.
She has a beautiful, clean style and I happened upon
her on Google+ and started following.
My page isn't "pretty" or "romantic" like hers (the original) but I like how 
mine turned out all the same. It's fun.
Love these strips and I've been slowly working my
way through them - almost gone. 
 This transparency is fun and the last one
from the Studio Calico kit - Love that I'm using all the supplies.
Do you find that you save some embellishments and paper for "good". LOL.
("For good" is a saying for back in the day when you
dressed in your best for special occasions - that dress or
shoes you keep in the closet for only then.)
And didn't I just date myself there.
I seriously have a need to work through that.
 My elements didn't exactly work the same
on the page as hers but I still like the design.
Mixed into this page is "shades of Soaphousemama" and
the Embellishment DIY Class I took from her.
(upside down houses - a whimsical twist).
I like that.
Ashli has a very unique style as well and she's alot of fun to follow.
I used the glassine packages to mat the photo-
love the packaging and neeeeed more.
Everything Studio Calico except the heart
which is Bella Blvd.


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