Monday, February 1, 2016

Do dates ever sneak up on you??

And I'm talking big ones, Flag day (JK)
Birthdays, Holidays, etc.
You know when they are and the date comes 
right out of the blue and 
you are so not prepared. At.All.
On my computer calendar I have them all
warning me at least a week ahead of time.
However, that's not what happened here.
I got my February Paper Issues Swag Bag and that adorable
little Valentine card was in it.
BUT they only sent one.
I have 9 grand kids and therein was the dilemma.
So I set out to make cards using that one as that as an inspiration. 
right away, immediately even and
I have had that owl stamp forever from Technique 
Tuesday and it comes in an entire sheet of animals.
I typed the sentiment in pages using the
schoolhouse rock font and printed it out.
Raise your hand if you remember schoolhouse rock.
Using my new water paint set and painted the word valentine.
The stars balance it out because everything ended
up on the lefthand side.

I did sign up for soaphousemama's new class Embellish DIY Style
and she showed some cards. This qualifies I believe however,
I'm still not as brave as her in some homemade things.

Now that the cards out of the way -  I need to remember
to actually mail them.


  1. I love how you took inspiration from the card in the Swag Bag! I have one that says, "You're My Cup of Tea". :)

  2. Yes, dates sneak up on me, and yes, remember to mail the cute cards! :-)


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