Friday, December 4, 2015

Last one for the binge!

Okay this is for sure the last one
and totally killed this kit.
I almost forgot about this one - it was in the camera
and as I was printing I was thinking
I needed to do our own 'annual' chalk festival
good thing I looked in the book.
So that camera was a bigger sticker that I fussy cut out.
Those square stickers are leftovers from the "sticky moasics."
 I only have 2 stickers left on the sticker sheet.
 I love these thickers and as you can see I ran out of a few
vowels so I just winged it.
I like it.
I'm not sure if the parents or the kidlets had more fun.
It has rained since the chalk festival
and only the creations under the cars are still there.
Dad outlined Annie's name and I pop dotted her coloring
it in as an "inset" on the "dad's" photo.
I thought that was cool.


  1. Very cool layout. Love the layering. BL

  2. Another awesome creation, Lynn! Love the sketchy look to the title. Goes so well with the theme. :)

  3. Wow great layout! love the layering BL


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