Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Documenting everyday

Which I don't do often enough mostly
because its not exciting.
But this was.
It was a girls only day at the box
that totally needs to be documented
We had a such a blast.
And its been awhile since I did a crossfit update.
I have to admit it was tough
 after 2 months off but I'm back at it - 
I do admit I sort of over did at first 
that I'm not a spring chicken anymore but alas I 
did spring back.
And rightly so.......
I had a blast putting together this page.
I hope to show the chaos and fun we have doing the WODs.
This day was snatches for strength training
and a mile run for conditioning.
 I broke out a couple of packs of stamps and used each
and every one of them.
Several times.
I like this look - and I blame it on Kittyscrapper.
If you haven't checked her out its a must - because she's 
a freakin' hoot and an amazing scrapper.
 Putting Basic Grey to good use along with
some Studio Calico and Paper Issues bits and bobs.
 These are my pals at the 9:30 a.m. class.
We rock.
I do protest the fact that they look fresh as daisies - 
I'm the one that looks like I was dragged through a keyhole backwards
several times.
The guys are not so much on the cardio portion
so they tend to skip these days.
Cherry pickers. LOL.
I love how it came together - and these ladies are the absolute best.
They are great to have by your side when sweating and grunting
-always cheering, always helping.
Its one of the best perks about the box-any box- the people 
are amazing.
So the strength and conditioning pieces were reversed.
Normally the weights come first.
On this day - rain was threatening so.....
we ran first and I managed to do one mile in 12:52.
Not bad - I've done better but its been awhile 
therefore I shall roll with this and continue to improve
even though I'm really not a fan of running.
Snatches are not my best lift so I
alternated working on form with the PVC and training bar.
I'm okay with that because just doing the moves
conditions my body and learning them correctly will help
because one day I will add weight.

So today I ran 800m in 6:10 - and that means that
maybe my next mile will have a few minutes shaved off.
And today NO GUYS. 
We don't need no stinkin' boys.


  1. Girls rule and so does this page, Lynn. :)

  2. Stunning page and just love the background. BL

  3. This is just your stamping background!


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