Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kraft paper and fussy cutting

I decided to roll with 8.5x11 because of
the size I made the photos
even though there are three of them.
 I also remembered that I have had this Basic Grey
paper forever, so glad I kept it because
it worked perfectly for this page.
However, it was a bit overwhelming and when I 
find that to be the case - I start fussy cutting.
 The veggies came out pretty cool looking
and the do spiff the page up.
My DH decided to give square foot gardening a go
and he's doing really well.
We've harvested quite a bit of lettuce for
really cute side salads and the tomatoes are just perfect
to be tossed with some fresh lime juice and oil.
All organic - no pesticides - fresh!


  1. This looks awesome, Lynn (plus it's making me hungry)!

  2. Love the look of this page!! Great background!!!


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