Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas!!

from our house to yours!
As I was decorating the tree this year I became very nostalgic
as I pulled the ornaments out and began
decorating the tree.
And in full disclosure, I am a tree nazi. 
I can't tell you how hard it was to let the kids help
when they were younger. LOL.
After they went to bed I would take all the ornaments
they placed on one branch and spread them around.
If they noticed they never spoke of it and
it became our little secret.

As I pulled ornaments out it occurred to that
I have kept every handmade decoration my kidlets made throughout
their school years-and there is always a 
special place on the tree for them.
(I find it hard because I want them all to be front
and center LOL)

My grandmother had beautiful, vintage decorations that graced her trees
and she always loved her trees to look a special way.
At first her decorations passed to mom and then to me.
My mom was totally into Christmas ornaments and made sure
each of us had ornaments that had our names and of course the year
especially marking milestones in our lives.
I believe she single-handedly kept Hallmark in business.
I have not carried on that tradition because
it became uniquely hers.
As I placed each one on the tree it brought
back memories of my mom and gram,  
and how they both loved and celebrated the holiday.
It also brought back memories of those
Christmases when the kidlets were young and starry-eyed.


  1. Absolutely love it! I as well kept eveything my kids made too. Reading this brought back some of my memories too than you..

  2. I have everything Alexa has made too. I love looking at the ornaments, year after year. So many memories. Merry Christmas, Lynn!

  3. Lovely tree simply love ahndmade decorations BL

  4. Merry Christmas (belated) Lynn! Lovely post!

  5. so special!! Merry Christmas ( a little late)

  6. I love it. I do the same thing, Lynn. I'll share once my tree goes up.


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