Thursday, December 10, 2015

Homemade Christmas cards

If you haven't received your card from me yet.
Don't look.
I had a great time making them and the kids' cards turned out better than the "adult" cards. But I'm gonna use them all. Some of these are shades of Soaphouse Mama with the lines around them, and I know all of you are on top of this,  but I impressed my bad self with the cutout and/or "window" cards I did for the little ones. I tried to be a bit more grown up for the older ones - they'll just have to deal that my grown up may be different than theirs. LOL.

I picked up this paper pack from HL - Paper Studio I believe and it is really a fun pack to have on hand. The size is 8.5x11 and since I like to work that size - its not a hardship to have. And the all the embellies are from that paper pack. I did do some fussy cutting - and it wasn't as much as I did on the "adult" cards - where I fussy cut 100 angels because I decided that I needed 2 angels per card one black and one gold.


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