Sunday, December 6, 2015

And then there were 99 little green leaves waving

Who can resist a waving green leaf??
I know I can't.
Not all match up of course but I did find a couple
of very interesting ones.
Find a grave is always a plus - and there were
several found that a couple of
to the 4th great grandfathers and uncles were officers in
the American Revolution and Civil Wars and I'm looking into the deets
as they have markers in special cemeteries.
And then....
there are other trees out there that have stuff 
from other relatives pursing some of the same lineage
and they have stuff
I don't have and vice versa and
 its so cool to find them.
That's what happened here.
 The to the 4th great grandmother - photos were uncovered
as well as children, grandchildren info and
the fact that one's 4th great grandmother Mary Lockwood McCormick
Mockler that lived to 87 years old,  had 17 children
(I so can't imagine) 
and remarried when she was 42.
 On a scrappy note I'm not happy with the recollections gold mist.
 This is a photo with her granddaughters from her
son Wm Carpenter McCormick.
Amanda Alice was the daughter with wife Elizabeth Arnold
and Lily and Ella were the children of wife Emaline Eve Christman.
 Can you believe this find. 
This is also a photo of Mary Lockwood McCormick
they think is around the time of the Civil War
and that patch on her sleeve indicates she
had 3 sons in the military.
I love this kind of stuff and it totally blows me away the information out there.
It really makes them come alive and photos are da bomb.
My heritage albums went from a pre-binded album
to be individually removed and installed in a 3 ring 8.5x11 binder.
Actually 2 binders.
I also found birth and death certificates and some
new tombstones-always interesting to see where they are buried.
It tells of their religious inclination.

Both pages are Basic Grey persimmon line.
The majority of my pages in the original album was Basic Grey -
really really really old BG lines...
And their stories continue.


  1. Love the photos and what you create with them :)

  2. What beautiful pages, just perfect for your lovely photos. BL

  3. Gorgeous pairing of the BG with the vintage photos, Lynn!

  4. Love this! Those feathers and flowers are fantastic! bl

  5. Love the vintage photos, amazing details and pages. BL


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