Monday, December 1, 2014

Sequins and Snowflakes

Yes indeed.
I don't get much call for snowflakes in Florida so
its fun to roll with it and finally use my snowflake die cut.
 The photos cracked me up right away.
Back to the page - I tried to stamp dots in a circle with white ink.
NO go.
I then tried same stamp with acrylic paint.
Still NO go.
I even put glitter on the ink/paint stamped images.
Way NO go.
I therefore broke out the modeling paste and a negative of the snowflake.
Wa-la - GO go.
Because snowflakes and glitter wasn't enough.
Scattered about. However, by the time you get to 
gluing and your fingers are all sticky
it doesn't look scattered anymore.

But put it all together and shazam.
Winter page.
All basic grey, except for some cosmo cricket and bo bunny.

She totally cracks me up.
Loves her veggies.
Poor snowman's nose is nipped.


  1. She sure loves her veggies. Cracks me up! Such a fun, fun page, Lynn! I'm glad you stuck with the snowflakes because they turned out awesome. :)

  2. looks awesome~always a way to get around it when it doesn't work. Love the snowflakes!!


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