Monday, December 23, 2013

Working with acrylic

In case you didn't check out the Off the Rails challenge #1
use acetate - go on over and check it out.
This is my version of the challenge.
I decided to make a 12x12 scrapbook page on acetate.
I learned a few things which was different
than making acetate albums, I found.

1. Like don't peel off the blue backing while misting and using
alcohol ink on the acetate.
2. Do not mist and ink while the humidity is high.
(Unfortunately in Florida humidity is the norm).
3. While waiting for the mist to dry and in hurrying it along with
embossing powder - DO NOT use the heat gun with the blue paper on.
It is NOT pretty and its very difficult to remove.
 Here's how it looks without the blue paper. 
You really need to have backing to see what's what.
And isn't my kitchen rockin' or what.
 I got the blue backing off - very very carefully. 
And it was warped.
Not happy with the warping.
SO I put some paper behind to make sure what
goes where when I begin the placement of the elements.
 Can I say that I am totally giddy with delight as to how the
misting and alcohol ink is designed on the acetate. 
 It was hard finding a surface to photograph it on.
The misting made me swoon.
The alchohol drips made me swoon.
A close up of the cluster amidst the inks and sprays.
I had the best time with taking thephotos.
NH in Autumn is beautiful.

Stay tuned for the next Off the Rails challenge to be revealed on
December 27th. 


  1. Love how this turned out, Lynn! I'm glad you're having fun with these experiments. :) Merry Christmas!

  2. great technique!!!! love the look!!!


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