Sunday, December 8, 2013

I love kraft paper

It just works with everything.
It can be rustic.
It can be elegant.
It can be an accent.
So I don't remember who made that butterfly paper.
I know you're surprised.
However, it works great with the kraft.
 I kept this page kind of monochromatic.
Love the touches of beige.
I changed the butterflies 3 times.
I wanted to have a pop color so I chose blue/green
like Amelia's sassy.
However it had white in it and was glaring.
So I changed it to blue/green with beige. 
That was jarring.
So I went with black.
 Like the little black dress you can't go wrong.
Especially around kraft.
I also used transparency newspaper from K&co. as
a mat in order to show the second mat 
and to also keep the butterflies flying.
Can we say pop :) with the black butterflies.
I did a bit of layering in the 2 corners.
I kept the title simple - also black
 - I love the labeler look and it does bring it all together.
Those photos are a total hoot and was supposed to be
for another page I made, however, the photo
was way too big for the mat I created on the other page
so it gave me more mojo to create this page.
A total win.
However, I'm still hunting a photo for the other page
that I got my Wilna on.


  1. it is jammin'~love the look of Kraft!!! awesome work Lynn!!!!

  2. Love this. Love the design, great pps.

  3. Kraft IS awesome and so perfect with that PP and pops of black!

  4. Such a beautiful page Lynn, I have always love Kraft and Black together and that little photo collage in the middle really catches the eye. Keep up the great work Lynn.


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