Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An avacado bag adds texture

It's a new look - I have an onion bag that I use quite a bit and those are mostly square and wider apart, the avacado bag is small triangles that expand only I don't have enough hands to keep it that way.

Love the rustic way of it - using coffee bean paint and a stipling brush. I found I needed to use less paint and a couple dabs will do it.

I had to dig about for some jute I knew I had somewhere. And love how it moves across the page and the bow was added on top.
And burlap - doesn't it make you swoon? It does me. Had to dig for that too, and clipped off pieces that I added here and there for texture along with some washi tape.

Studio Calico has the cutest transparencies.

Love the texture and rustic of the alphas too. Little Yellow Bicycle and Tim Beck. Yum.

Aren't these two cuties. You just want to pinch those apple cheeks which was a title that blew through my head. However, after thinking about that one and a few more, I decided to go with the tried and true. Hopefully I can use the other titles I managed to think of somewhere else.

Writing the titles down will be key in remembering them.


  1. Brillant~you are so Crafty!!!! love it!!!

  2. Look at that cool stamping! Love the strips of PP! Great design, Lynn!

  3. Love this!! The angles of the paper is awesome!

  4. Using what you've got on hand ... a very good thing, love the texture you added. Great job Lynn.


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