Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sitting on Santa's lap

Should be a fun filled time - obviously my
favorite eldest son is not quite the fan
I thought he'd be a this age.
Santa was amused though and
Santa was also a woman.
 Favorite youngest son never had an issue.
He knew who he had to butter up and
had the innocent "who me" look down to a science.
I'm sure I did pages, however, I'm thinking
these were done way back in the day
A. may not have been photographed because blogs 
weren't quite there yet or,
B. They are soooooo bad they'll never see the light of day.

Now I have to look.

Looks like its B.

This page is ME and my dad played Santa.
And I never knew - mom told me the story when
we found this photo. Priceless as my shock.
 Keep in mind these were all done in 2006 and
I belonged to a design team that GAVE you the papers
and you had to work with it whether it was your style or not.
 I'm not sure I actually had a style then. Everyone was kinda
floundering except for the graphic designers and artists.
They had a bead on it.
I really tried to emulate them.
 I worked at a LSS and this page was designed with
Pages by Designs templates and classes were
held to learn how to use said templates and sketches.
This page was designed by that.
This is kind of surprising since it breaks the floating/sneeze rule.
Well 2 items of them do. 
AND aren't rules just made for breaking.


  1. Oh Lynn ... I love the older pages, especially other peoples, mine not so much. Love the pics and the stories ... one of these days I'll go through all my pictures and see what I can find. My mom was not much of a picture taker, so our boxes are filled with pics other people took, unfortunately they weren't around for many of the "big" events. Merry Christmas Sweetie ....

  2. Such a fun look down memory lane. Priceless memories. Love how you found out about your dad playing Santa. Merry Christmas, Lynn!

  3. I LOVE those old pages Lynn. Those photos are priceless. - (shh doing some blogging from work with my workID shh) Merry Christmas!!

  4. I love these, Lynn! A real trip down memory lane! :-)


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