Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moving right along ...

 I know you're jazzed.  ME TOOOO!!!

This I believe was the least amount kitted. However, I actually used exactly what I kitted.

Shocked me too...

I have to admit I found having everything kitted really helped. I usually take a lot of the dithering about ito get things going soYou'd think I'd maybe try this at home.

So much fun, with the grandkidlets at the beach, playing in the sand, getting along. Its obvious that sand castle building is to be taken quite seriously and everyone has their job to do.

I did take another page out of Wilna's book about using the majority or all of the rubons that come in the package - only this time I went crazy on the stickers and it worked out really well. I still have some leftover which is good and a lot of the alphas that came with, which made it all extremely easy to use and work well together.

Studio Calico 4 hueres 37, Kaiser kraft, magic mesh and a tag.

WHO knew.


  1. great idea to kit your supplies. It looks like it is working for you~awesome LO. Love the bottom border like that:)


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