Monday, November 18, 2013


That's my girl!

On her way to crossfitting style. I believe I need to add a tutu and wild socks to my workout wardrobe.

I love all the pink and I believe that this was for the battle of the boobs to bring awareness and raise money for free mamogram. So I added more pink :)

Studio calico fits the bill, along with some thickers, cosmo cricket and a bottlecap I found in a flea market.

3~2~1! Since the majority of workouts are timed - this is the way its called out so of course that had to be in the title, but I love the look of determination on her face as she attempts to pick up the weight. She has the stance right - just needs to move to the middle. I'm thinking that would've tipped the balance.


  1. Totally sweet and fun, fun, fun, Lynn! When you add the tutu and pink socks to your workout, be sure to do a layout about it. LOL!

  2. so adorable!!!!love the banner at the top and picture is, well~screaming cute!!!!


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