Thursday, April 18, 2013

We don't know where we are going

but we are on our way.
Remember Little Rascals? Well that saying
is signature Buckwheat.
Great show.
So I couldn't resist. 
This was just too fun.
Those two are just having a blast.
Good thing there are two steering wheels.
I wonder where the brakes are.
And if there's an invisible one.
Remember when teaching your kid how to drive?
I think my foot when through the floor board.
Several times.


  1. Little rascals,um yes I remember Spanky and Alfafa. I had one of each:):):) Great LO and they look like they are having a blast of a good time.

  2. This is fun, fun, fun with the tag tucked behind the paper strip and the loopy twine!

  3. What a great pic, love how you were inspired by the Little Rascals!


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