Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter parade

Annie and Lucy parading.
In their Easter best.
That dress is perfect for her.
and the hose and shoes.
OMG. Swoon.
So I started out with a different paper.
And whilst in the midst of doing something with misting
I managed to spill said misting all over the
other paper. And there was NO saving it.
So in poking around my stash I found this fancy paper
(and I canNOT tell you the mfg.) But it was from a Swirly doo Kit.
However, I thought it was a tad busy.
And maybe overwhelming.
SO I put a white heart doily in there to help
and it worked out really well.
AND I used up the 2 leftover flowers there that matched 
ever so wonderfully with my fancy dancy punch
that grabs hold of my papers and if I don't sweet talk it
just right, it keeps the paper hostage.
Seriously though.
 Accidents always seem to work out.
I planned it that way.
*laughing hysterically* 
you can all get up off the floor now. 


  1. Love those shoes on her.adorable LO. I think it is perfect.

  2. A stunning page, Lynn! So glad you had the accident, because then this page would never have come to be. :)


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