Monday, April 15, 2013

Manic Monday

Was very quiet. 
Lots of peeps doing their taxes.
I happened to fall asleep and woke up tired.
Sad day. Again.
 I must've over done it the past few days.
So it's Lou's Happy 1st.
One year old.
Growing up way too fast.
And the theme was whales so jumping
on the bandwagon.
I made one.
According to my ahem friends that say it looks
more like a goldfish cracker.
HEY! I drew this by hand - and cut it out.
All without a net. :)

Hugs and prayers to Boston.
They need to get the bad guys.

It's Miss Amelia's birthday today.
I'm awaiting pix.


  1. super cute~I kinda of like the fish:):):) and yes they grow up way too fast!! Out 1st GC is 8 now:):) where did the time go?

  2. I think the whale is adorable! Love your new blog header too!


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