Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy's Hoodie

What's a girlie to do when its nippy out.
Well this one put on daddy's hoodie.
It covers it all.
Is totally warm.
It's awesomely cuddley.
Love the photo, that face and eyes.
Tis Studio Calico.
Except for the butterfly and twine.

Knee is doing great and the bathroom re-do is coming along.
It's going to be beautiful- I can't wait.
Kitchen is pretty much together except for one cabinet.
Will be starting PT soon.
It felt good to scrap although I sat a lot of the time as opposed to standing
like I normally do. I also tried not to do TOO much
hopping up and down - which is good but tiring.
My set up does require a bit of hopping about.


  1. darling!!! super cute picture!!!how's the knee doing?

    1. Knee is actually doing great. I'm surprised. So unlike when I had the left knee done.

  2. love the colors on this and the touch of those buttons in the top right is perfection:)


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