Wednesday, April 24, 2013

365 @ 4 1@5

I did this 8.5x11 because I needed to change things up.
Why? 8x8 sometimes just doesn't cut it.
Used my Studio Calico papers.
And I did get tricky with the title.
Q-man went to bed at 4 years old - the eve of his 5th birthday.
So donning the party hat the next morning means
 that alas he turned 5.
I thought it was pretty clever.
I do believe I brought simple scrapbook pages to an all new high
in using 4x6 photos. Its what I printed and since my ink
has a finite level of inkiness I went with what I did.
I'm trying to keep the grandkidlets pages to 
easy-to-mail size so that involves
some creativeness.
Note on the really cool number paper I highlighed
the appropriate number.
And isn't that file folder adorable.
I have a QK die for that.


  1. Clever boy! The number paper rocks for this!

  2. love the cool number papers and the 81/2 x11 size~looks awesome my friend:):)


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