Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby steps...

I actually got a page done. My knee has thrown a lot of things off- especially my sleep. Don't know what's up with that, but I can tell you its extremely annoying.

However, on the plus side, my knee is getting stronger and once I get over the stiffness I stop reeling about like a drunken sailor and stiffness eases.

  I used Holli's green gelato and it totally matches the Ranger ink/mist lettuce, the pink mist provided by Ranger ink/mist Red peppers. I have a love/hate relationship with the slim ranger misters as they have a tendency to spray how much they want and where they want.

I got lucky misting. Yay!

I got wild and crazy and actually sliced off two strips to use on the page. WOW!! I know you're totally blown away. LOL! I just feel great that in the midst of all this healing and hobbling I got a page done.

I also needed brown lettering. And I love the Amy Tangerine letters but they would be too big for the label and I didn't have all the letters I needed in the brown thickers I had and the customizable white thickers were also too big.

Finding the correct size thickers in white and they happen to be foam - enter a brown sharpie.

I know you're totally blown away by my creativity. LOL!

So wa-la - Authentique. I KNOW - its been awhile but it worked with the green and pink.

I'm hoping to get more done.

Let's go MO-JO!


  1. That is the sweetest photo and a fab page, Lynn! Such a great idea to take a Sharpie to the Thickers. I'll have to remember that.

  2. love it!! Adorable picture!! Hoping that knee heals quick so you can sleep:):):) take care~


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