Friday, April 5, 2013

No crutches...........

Although I have this tendacy to move around like a base-huggin' weeble, teetering from pillar to post. Its all good. I've even done some of the recommended exercises. I'm having trouble sliding down the wall, but it'll come. I'm not very confident in my balance or strength. But I'm up and about and lucid.

Think: Weebles always wobble but they don't fall down.

I still have trouble leading off with my left foot. DH is helpful, bellowing out like a drill sargeant "left, left, left right left. And I'm all like "I KNOW...We've done this every morning." And yet here we are again.

Gotta keep things light.

And still in my head, LEFT, LEFT, then RIGHT.

Teaberry shuffle.
It's all about the timing.

Speaking of timing - I have my April Studio Calico kit. What could be more encouraging than that. (The page below isn't it) However, I have been fondling the kit during my recovery. Seriously.

I have another straggler page I forgot about. I completed this page prior to our RV trip to New Orleans. I also left my vintage photo ink open for a week and had to get a new one. Also, I lifted this sketch from Shimelle.  I am pleased with these photos I took. Just needed a bit of tweaking. The clouds and colors in the first one make me swoon.

I get to take a shower today. I haven't been able to do that for THREE days. It's no wonder I'm standing on my own. YUNK YUNK!


  1. Yay for no crutches! Love your gorgeous photos against the kraft. The fish and netting are perfect!

  2. whoop no crutches!!! Hope you heal fast!! Love the layout!!

  3. Great layout. Love all the details. Hope you heal quickly!

  4. I'm still in Indiana but I'm coming back for the sketch :):):)


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